Cash in on Energy Price War – 13 October 2009

Lincolnshire householders are being advised that now is the time to shop around and switch energy providers after some of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers have waged an online energy price war. Grimsby Energy Performance Certificate provider Colin Childs from reports that energy suppliers have slashed their rates in a bid to take the top spot as the cheapest online provider.

"The cuts will come as a welcome break to Lincolnshire households as they prepare themselves for the onset of winter," says Colin. "The start of this month will have seen many households switching their heating back on after the summer. The recent price war could help offset some of the huge price hikes seen last year. The key now is to move to one of these competitive tariffs to benefit from lower prices in time for winter."

Householders needn’t worry if they’ve never switched tariff before; there are many price-comparison sites on the internet that make checking and switching easy. Examples include:, or Colin says "My personal favourite is to check and switch via This is the site run by Martin Lewis, television’s consumer champion. Not only does the site provide a comprehensive explanation of the switching process, but clicking through from there to the comparison sites earns additional cash back for the consumer if they switch energy provider."

Other ways to get the lowest tariff include agreeing to pay by monthly direct debit, switching to the provider’s internet billing, for those who are prepared to be billed online, and doing a meter reading every time a bill is received. The elderly, disabled or those on low incomes, spending more than 10% of their income on energy bills, could get help paying for gas and electricity. They should contact their suppliers to see what assistance is on offer.

The final way to keep costs down is to use less energy. Colin advises "Turning down your thermostat and setting the heating timer to be on only when necessary could save you money. Closing curtains at dusk reduces heat escaping through windows. Turning off lights when not needed and not leaving appliances on standby help keep electricity bills down. Making energy-efficient changes to your house could also help. For example, cavity wall and loft insulation keep more heat inside your home – meaning you spend less on energy bills."