North East Lincolnshire Homes Greener than UK Average – 21 September 2009

Residents in North East Lincolnshire emit less greenhouse gas from their homes than the average UK resident. This compares favourably with North Lincolnshire residents who emit more than the national average. That is according to an analysis of Government figures carried out by Grimsby Energy Performance Certificate provider Colin Childs from

"The average UK resident emits 2.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from energy consumption in and around the home. North East Lincolnshire is greener creating only 2.3 tonnes per person whereas in North Lincolnshire each resident contributes 2.7 tonnes from their home," says Mr Childs. "However, both regions have seen the same percentage reduction in domestic greenhouse gas emissions over a 2-year period. The decrease of 5.1% places the region among the top 5th of improving counties in the UK."

Over the 2 years reviewed electricity use in the home contributed to an increase of carbon dioxide emissions of a staggering 2.1 million tonnes across the UK. At the same time a reduction in the amount of gas consumed led to a massive decrease of 5 million tonnes. "The efficiencies of modern gas boilers are far greater than their predecessors and this has helped reduce gas consumption in the home," explains Mr Childs. "In addition more residents have become aware of the benefits and savings from insulating their walls and roofs. Energy suppliers have been providing grants for some time now and residents aged over 70 or in receipt of certain benefits have been able to get the improvements for free. Clearly these measures are helping homes become more energy efficient."

The full report can be found on the website of the Department of Energy & Climate Change