Boiler Scrappage Scheme – 5 January 2010

Following the success of the car scrappage scheme, the Government has launched a boiler scrappage scheme to help 125,000 households replace outdated and inefficient heating systems. Under the scheme Lincolnshire households can trade in their old boilers in exchange for a £400 discount off a new model.

Grimsby Energy Performance Certificate provider Colin Childs from explains: "The scheme should help households enjoy an average saving of £235 a year on heating bills. To be eligible, you must have a boiler of the least efficient type (G-rated or worse) and it must be the main boiler used to heat the home. If you are under 60, the boiler must also be in working order. Eligible households will be able to claim a £400 voucher to redeem against a high efficiency A-rated boiler or renewable heating technology such as a biomass boiler or a heat pump. We estimate that there are around 22,000 homes in North and North East Lincolnshire with the very least efficient type of boiler."

Boiler Eligibility

Gas-fired boilers more than 15 years old, or with a permanent pilot light, are likely to be G-rated. Oil-fired boilers more than 25 years old are also likely to be eligible. Alternatively details of qualifying boilers can be checked by calling the Energy Saving Trust’s advice line on 0800 512 012 or by checking their website.

How to Register

Eligible households should get a quote for a new boiler from a qualified installer. The installer must be registered with a competent person’s scheme such as GasSafe or OFTEC. Applicants should then register by calling the Energy Saving Trust’s advice line on 0800 512 012 or registering on the Energy Saving Trust website. The £400 vouchers will be issued from 18 January 2010 and are expected to be delivered approximately 10 days after applying. The vouchers will be valid for 12 weeks from date of issue. If the voucher is not redeemed within this time, it will be cancelled and reallocated. There will be only one voucher per household but if the voucher expires, it will be possible to apply for another if funds are available. It is vital that applicants do not arrange for the new boiler to be installed before receipt of the voucher, as this would invalidate the claim.

"As well as the initial £400 and average ongoing savings of £235 a year, each replaced boiler will save just over a tonne of CO2 emissions," says Colin. "Put another way, every 3 boilers replaced would be equivalent to taking a car off the road. Furthermore, any householder who needs an Energy Performance Certificate (for selling or letting their property) after replacing their boiler could see their energy-efficiency rating increase by 10 to 15 points."